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About Us


Sassy SaH’s Vision Is To Provide Products & Resources to Both Men & Women To Help Support Them In Becoming Their Best Selves. 

We Aim To Deliver An Amazing Experience When Interacting With The Community, Provide Great Customer Service, Cultivate A Safe Space For People To Be Vulnerable While Helping Them To Connect Dots In Their Journey of Self Awareness. Join Us As We All Embark On This Journey Of Self-Awareness, Self-Preservation, & Self-Love Together Here At Sassy SaH.

As I Travel Through My Journey Of Aligning Myself In My Purpose I Hope To Inspire Others To Do The Same! I Am Choosing My True & Authentic Self, You Can Too!

Over The Years I Have Been Working On Establishing Tools That Will Help To Assist Me During Periods Of Depression, Low Self-Esteem, & Unhealthy/Stagnant Environments/Relationships. While Working To Figure Out What Works For Me, I Noticed How Many Others Battle With A lot Of These Same Issues. These Observations Lead Me To See The Value In Creating A Space That Allows For Others To Come & Learn While Also Seeking Comfort In Knowing They Are Not The Only Ones Fighting These Battles. Sassy SaH Is Here To Help Arm You With The Tools To Meet & Achieve Your Best Self.

Here at Sassy SaH We Provide Self-Development/Self-Awareness Services & Resources, Intention Products & Holistic Doula Services 


SaH is a 27 year old wife & entrepreneur.
She has found her purpose by creating holistic & intention products & services to help support people in becoming their best selves! 

SaH is a resident of Charlotte North Carolina, but her heart has no home as she’s been traveling state to state over the last 2 years searching for a place that feels like home. Born in Atlanta & raised in both Hampton VA & Cleveland OH, SaH is the perfect mix of country & city girl. Having both experiences early on in life has helped SaH to see the value in living how our Ancestors did.

SaH is a Self Awareness Specialist, Certified Herbalist & Holistic Full Spectrum Doula, She Values all things Nature & Natural! She aspires to live a sustainable & eco friendly life style while learning & preparing to disconnect from the system.

SaH is a breaker of generational curses, looking to inspire & influence others to fight against the narrative & to create your own story, our past does not define our future. SaH lives by her quote “ You Can’t Heal in the Same Environment You Got Sick in” & This has shifted the way SaH lives her life & she hopes her life experiences will be testimony for others to do the same.