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Self Consultation

Self Consultation

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Do You Need Assistance

  • Learning How To Establish Boundaries?
  • Identifying Your Value/ Self-Worth?
  • Recognizing Red Flags?
  • Figuring out how to connect with your higher self?
  • Are you questioning rather you are in alignment or on the right path?


If You Said Yes To Any of the Above, It’s Time to dive into SELF!

In Our Intuitive Self Consultations We Discuss Your Life Experiences & How They Have Impacted You, & What Are You Learning From Them. We do this by Creating A Space of Self-Awareness & Accountability, so We Can cultivate More Healing & Purpose in Your Life.

Topics of Discussion will Include:

  • All Things SELF Including, Self-Discipline, Self-Love, Self-Respect, & Self-Care
  • Identifying Unhealthy/Toxic Traits & Behaviors
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries & Relationships
  • MindSet Maintenance- How to Observe your thoughts & Work to reprogram your thinking
  • Reflection-Conversations With Yourself

These Sessions Are All About You Helping You! Working to Create Your Best Self Will Be One of The BEST Decisions You’ll Ever Make. I’m Just Here To Help Guide You to The Answers You Already Have Within Yourself!
It is a Judgement FREE Environment, We Can Talk About Any & Everything, Nothing Leaves The Sacred Space We Create For Us to Heal

1 hr Sessions (Length May vary) Includes

  • Cleansing & protection over the space & ourselves,
  • Sound Healing specific to your healing journey
  • A 2 Card Pull -1 from an Ancestral Oracle Deck & One from a Deck To Help You Connect With your Higher Self
  • An Intuitive conversation regarding what changes you may need assistance with or we can use the pendulum board to receive answers to your questions!

These sessions are for You so you can pick and choose how you want your consultation to flow.

If you aren't ready for a consultation you can Purchase Our Ebook "The ToolBox" ! This is a great guide to help you embarking on your journey to SELF. Its Short & Sweet but still full of experienced based knowledge & wisdom that will help Kickstart your journey! You Can Find This book HERE!



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Soooo helpful!

Sah has coached me through so many obstacles in my marriage, gave me guidance and made me feel validated in my feelings but still let me know whether I was right or wrong and followed with solutions, tips and comfort. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for me!

Assyria Gray
She's great

She's so easy to talk to without feeling judged. Not only does she give great advice she gives multiple potential solutions.


The First Time I Met Sah, She Made Me Comfortable. I Easily Opened Up To Her. I Was Going Through Something And She Listened. She Didn’t Judge Me. She Simply Listened. And Gave Me Some Great Advice. I Still Call Her And She Still Welcomes Me In. Simply An Amazing Soul. :heart:️