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Everything Is Yours - Waist Beads
Everything Is Yours - Waist Beads
Waist Beads- Everything Is Yours 💚💛

Everything Is Yours - Waist Beads

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Our HandMade Waist Beads Are Made Original For Each Customer, No One Waist Bead Set Will Be The Same!

The Energy Is Tailored For Each Individual! 

The "Everything is Yours" Waist Beads Are Made With At Least Yellow & Green Beads & Moss Agate or Yellow Jade Crystals To Help Support The Energy of Abundance, Manifestation, & Opening the Way!

All Beads Sets Are Cleansed & Anointed to Further Intensify The Energy In Preparation For Your Journey!

Waist Beads Now Have The Option to be Tie On or Claps! Let Us Know which you want in the comments section before you check out or they will come as Tie On.

*Leave Your Waist Measurements In The Note Section Before You Finish Checking Out!